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" All you need is
love and a
Bexar Bulldogge "



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The Olde English Bulldogge

  In the 1970s, American dog fanciers began developing the Olde English bulldogge, with the goal of recreating the look of the early 19th century bulldog while retaining the good temperament of the modern breed.  Our bulldogges retain the good temperament of the English bulldog, but also run and play — and live a longer life. Olde English bulldogges look like the English bulldog’s buffed-up, sporty cousin.

  Olde English Bulldogges are docile, but capable and protective, fearless and athletic, fierce-looking, determined and courageous, bold and friendly around their family and friends, but fearless adversaries to anyone who threatens their masters or property. This breed likes to chew and should be supplied with plenty of toys and bones. Nylabones and rubber Kong toys are highly recommended. Rawhides, soft rubber and stuffed toys are unsafe, for they are easily shredded or swallowed whole. Olde English Bulldogges are so eager to please that they may overexert themselves in an effort to do whatever is asked of them.


Bexar Bulldogges is a Quality Pet Breeder

  Our love for the Olde English bulldog breed began over 10 years ago when we found our 1st Oldie, Magnus, and added him to our family.   We loved the look and disposition of the English Bulldogs but didn't want the health risks associated with the breed.  So we looked to the Olde English and found everything we were looking for and more. Not only are our dogs beautiful and healthy but they are THE BEST companion dog there is. Loving, Loyal and gentle our dogs become a member of the family. 

  These puppies are born to our beloved pets. They are brought up in our home where they are given lots of love and attention.  It is extremely important to us that they end up in homes where they will be loved and cared for as we have loved and cared for them and their parents.  

     We remain in contact with many of our pups owners to answer questions or to swap pictures and stories.  The fact we have built this small community around our beloved pups is a HUGE source of pride.   We provide a little starter bag for all of our babies that includes shot records and registration paperwork  but we are also always available for anything that may arise. In their future. 

  Bexar Bulldogges is family run out a Lytle, a small town in Texas, the ranch is 50 acres of peace and tranquility.




Clinton S., San Antonio

Both of our boys are from Magnus. Super healthy dogs. No breathing problems at all. Great temperament. Absolutely love these boys!!

bexar bull testim

Kimbo I., San Antonio

Y’all he has the best puppies ever . This one looks just like mine who is now 2. No skin issues. No eye issues. No jaw issues. No teeth issues. My baby is just flat out beautiful.

Sara  J., Dallas

Visiting Bexar Bulldogges was well worth the trip.  The property was beautiful and we could see how loved their Bulldogs are.  We are so happy we chose Bexar Bulldogges for our first Ole English Bulldogge!


Why Bexar Bulldogges?

Why Us?

Health Care

Bexar Bulldogges  get their tails docked dew claws removed and all initial shots at 6 weeks with shot records.


10 years experience and a Registered Breeder with International Olde English Bulldogge association.  All Bexar Bulldogges are registered with IOEBA.

Adoption Process

A $ 500 deposit is required to hold a puppy until 6 weeks old.


Puppies Available Born 12/31/2023

Contact Us


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SW San Antonio Ranch

Tel: 726-582-0721


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